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I Wish a peaceful birthday for Lee Areum♥



I miss Hello Venus SO MUCH ♥
Please comeback NOW!!!

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CCM artist: Talented but Unpopular? is CCM fault or not?

I always read a lot of “Taewoon go back to Stardom, Taeha go to DSP again, Davichi is finally leaving CCM!, This member should be in a better company, They are underrated because of their label” and more, but… CCM is not the problem right now… the problem are the CCM’s haters and people underestimating their artists’ talent these days… 

The biggest problem of that company is obvious: They don’t know how to fix personal problems and took hasty decisions…

You can find the 70 % of these comments in SPEED videos… what? the new promotional songs had terrible MV’s? but they don’t know why, pitifully the debut videos don’t were too popular than CCM expected and they spent A LOT OF MONEY in them!, they are paying their debt YET! and CCM can’t steal T-ARA’s or Davichi’s promotions’ money pitifully again, even that, CCM is trying to promote SPEED a lot. so… is CCM that terrible?

F-ve Dolls were back but… did not result… I think 5dolls will be recognized soon, they should reveal more new songs after the addition of new members… The same with Shannon.

The funny situation: Son HoJun received a lot of love in Reply 94 days.. and he is from CCM.

Another point: CCM artist are a big family c: (I’ll post my favorite CCM Family photos later <3) and their songs are always good!! well…back to my conclusion: Problem: haters and people saying they hope for CCMs artists’ succesbut they do nothing to make it happen.

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Nothing’s sexier than Jungwoo being cute♥


Original G7 are now the sexy members of their groups… (In BEG all of them are sexy >-<)…Except for Sunhwa and Sunny♥ 

I love Nichjkhun so hard, and I love Tiffany because she’s a nice person but then are my Khuntoria feels~ that ruins my happiness :(

I only hope one of my T-PM couples to be real.

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My first and only time watching Qri crying… (around 31:20) This touched me~ 

I like the couple~♥


They are not one of my ships (I prefer Wooyoung+Hyomin) ~ but Nickhun was too kind with Hyomin on Pattaya(2011 SBS Lunar Year Episode)~ they were so cute♥